Godly Men

There is a great need in this generation to have men step up with their roles in their families, in their work places and in the church. In this era of extended adolescence, where too many men are men merely by age and not by actions and maturity, there is a necessity to reach out and help them grow.

Many young men are content to waste their lives consuming video game thrills, pornography addictions and whatever else can please their glands and satiate their ego without risking anything or venturing any commitment. The result of this fake-manliness is broken families, neglected responsibilities, and a decline in leadership in families, community and the church. It’s like the backbone has been removed from our culture.

I realize a few selections of sermon audio won’t change everything, but these teachings have really helped me change how I think, act and live. Maybe someone reading this may need to hear something these wise men have to say.

2nd Shift: JR Vassar
A series of three great talks by a man I greatly admire. I am in debt to JR Vassar and his preaching.

Nurturing Contentment: Beau Hughes
I’ve referenced this message in numerous messages I’ve given in the past year and a half. Men need to understand that they are more than their accomplishments or failures. They need to realize that true contentment can only be found in Christ alone.

Making the Most of Your Mission: Adam Thomason
Adam gave this message at a singles retreat following the message by Beau Hughes, and it really inspired me, and pounded home the point of getting myself lined up if I’m going to invite one of God’s daughters to do life with me.

Intentional Singleness: JR Vassar
Another selection from JR that encourages people to not waste their years of singleness on vanity, but rather prepare for marriage and do what the Lord has called them to do in that time.

Hope these resources help. God bless.